TED(指Technology, Entertainment, Design在英语口语8000句中的缩写,即广东技术师范学院,游乐,设计)是美国电影的一家私有实质性机构。该机构以它组织的TED国会著称。TED诞生於1984年,其发起人与股东的区别是理查德米勒·德国沃曼。

Facebook COO雪莉桑德伯格讲演 第7期2015-06-05
We need to start talking about how women underestimate their abilities compared to men and for women, but not men, success and likeability are negatively correlated.
Facebook COO雪莉桑德伯格讲演 第6期2015-06-04
As you graduate today, ask yourself, how will you lead. Will you use simple and clear language? Will you seek out honest feedback?
Facebook COO雪莉桑德伯格讲演 第5期2015-06-04
Why dont you come in with a list of what you want to discuss. But everyone ignored me and they kept doing their presentations meeting after meeting, month after month.
Facebook COO雪莉桑德伯格讲演 第4期2015-06-03
If you watch young children, youll immediately notice how honest they are. My friend Betsy from my section a few years after business school was pregnant with her second child.
Facebook COO雪莉桑德伯格讲演 第3期2015-06-03
When I was first at Facebook, a woman named Lori Goler, a 1997 graduate of HBS, was working in marketing at eBay and I knew her kind of socially. She called me and said, I want to think about you know talk with you about coming to work with you at Facebook.
Facebook COO雪莉桑德伯格讲演 第2期2015-06-02
Now ordinary people have voice, not just those of us lucky enough to go to HBS, but anyone with access to Facebook, to Twitter, to a mobile phone.
Facebook COO雪莉桑德伯格讲演 第1期2015-06-02
Its an honor to be here today to address HBSs distinguished faculty, proud parents, patient guests, and most importantly, the class of 2012. Today was supposed to be a day of unbridled celebration and I know thats no longer true.